When a person killed a dog, it ran and bit it, such reactions are coming on the viral video

The dog bit the person who killed him in many places, for a long time he held the person’s body. After a lot of effort the dog released the man.

You must have seen many videos of cruelty to animals. Some people are caught after the video goes viral and get punished, while there are others who get punished immediately. One such video is being seen a lot on social media, in which a person who kills a dog is seen getting punished immediately.

attacked the dog

Two persons are seen in the video, one person has a dog’s belt in his hand and the other has a stick in his hand. The other person kills the dog with that stick. This enrages the dog and starts running towards the person. Meanwhile, the dog’s belt got lost from the hand of the first person and the dog attacked the second person.

Life saved after great difficulty

The dog bit the person who killed him in many places, for a long time he held the person’s body. The first person tried his best to remove the dog from there but the dog was not ready to leave. After all, somehow the dog left the other person. After watching this video on social media, people are calling it ‘Instant Karma’.

people’s reactions

One user wrote that whatever this dog did, I did not feel sad at all. On the contrary, I would have given a party to the dog today. Another user wrote, “I got angry seeing this! I am glad that the dog taught them a good lesson to protect themselves.” Another user wrote that if the animals are calm then it should not be considered as their helplessness.


The pillow-sheet found in the train was filled in the bag, the coach attendant made the video; such comments are coming

Another user wrote that the dog is not even listening to its owner. It means that he has not been brought up properly. One user wrote that some people are saying that he was training the dog, but if it was so, he would have been wearing safety gloves in his hand. Here an attempt was made to play a lewd joke with the dog, which backfired.


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