When Esha Deol’s old video went viral, netizens raged on Dharmendra, said – He is a careless father, what does Hema Malini need….

Dharmendra: Dharmendra is being called a careless father. Isha had described him as a possessive father in one of her old videos.

Everyone is aware of the stormy love story of Dharmendra and Hema Malini in the 70s. However, even after getting married, both did not live together like a common couple. Dharmendra continued to spend more time with his first family. Recently a video of Hema Malini and her two daughters Isha-Ahana is going viral on the internet. In which netizens noticed this time what role Dharmendra is playing in the lives of his daughters.

The video is from Simi Grewal’s show. In which Hema Malini is answering Simi’s question that how important is the support of the spouse. On this, the actress said just to take some decisions regarding the children. Hema further said that whenever Dharmendra is in Mumbai, he definitely visits the family and asks them about their studies. He told that Dharmendra wants his daughters to always wear salwal kameez. Whenever he comes home, both the daughters wear salwar kameez.

Dharmendra is a possessive father

In this video, Isha is talking about her career in films, saying that she will slowly convince Dharmendra to accept it, else he will get angry. This video is from the time when Isha used to be 16-17 years old. Isha is saying in the video that her father says that she should stay at home. He told that Dharmendra is positive about him. Isha further said that she is not allowed to go out.

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Isha had said, “He is very possessive about us. He is like that girls should sit at home, Punjabi type of things. We are not allowed to go out so often but have mums, so we had to manage to go for sports etc. We used to go out to play at the state level.


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Netizens raged on Dharmendra

Netizens are trolling Dharmendra as soon as the video goes viral. He has called Dharmendra a careless father. He says that the actor has not fulfilled the responsibility of being a good father. He was never present for daughters and Hema Malini. Apart from this, many people mentioned Karan Deol’s marriage and said that Dharmendra did not invite his other family. While one user wrote, “Hema Malini was a big star, why did she need to become Dharmendra’s second wife?”


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