When India trusted and Pakistan turned out to be a traitor

Relations between India and Pakistan have been fraught with bitterness since 1947. The reason is Pakistan itself. Every time India has tried to improve relations with Pakistan, it has received nothing but betrayal in return. Tell us about these five occasions when, in exchange for India’s friendship, Pakistan did nothing but betray.
Pakistan, facing a financial crisis, now wants to talk to India. And this at a time when it is facing a serious financial crisis. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has proposed talks with India.

Mr Sharif asserts that India and Pakistan cannot become “normal neighbors” until the outstanding issues have been resolved.
The first betrayal took place as soon as a separate country was formed

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said: “We are ready to talk to anyone. Even with your neighbor. Provided the neighbor is serious enough to discuss serious issues around a table. Because war is no longer a solution.

So on October 22, 1947, hundreds of trucks carrying thousands of Pakistani tribesmen entered Kashmir. Their aim was to merge Kashmir with Pakistan. It was these tribes who received the support of the Pakistani government and army.

In 1947, Pakistan became a separate country in the name of religion. But it had its eye on Kashmir. It wanted to seize Kashmir. But instead of joining India or Pakistan, Kashmir chose to remain separate.

As the days passed, the tribes continued to occupy different parts of Kashmir. Finally, Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu and Kashmir asked India for help… India landed an army in Kashmir.
In January 1948, India took the Kashmir question to the United Nations. It was there that the question of a plebiscite was raised. But by then, tribes from Pakistan had taken over a large part of Kashmir.


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