When Manoj Muntashir told Rahul Gandhi the true son of Amethi, people are asking the real thing by sharing old tweet

During an event in Bhopal, Manoj Muntashir Shukla took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi without naming them. Since then he has been on the target of Congress leaders.

When Manoj Muntashir Shukla gave a statement about Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, he came in the headlines of social media. Along with Congress leaders, common social media users also started trolling Manoj Muntashir. Amidst this controversy, some old tweets of Muntashir are going viral on social media. In which he had praised Rahul Gandhi. On the old tweet, people are asking Manoj Muntashir many kinds of questions.

This tweet of Manoj Muntashir went viral

Many old tweets of Manoj Muntashir are going viral on social media. In a tweet, while congratulating Manoj Muntashir on winning the IIFA Award in 2015, Rahul Gandhi had written that Amethi’s talent in Bollywood. You have made us all proud by winning the IIFA Award for good songs. We do.

With this, another tweet of his is becoming increasingly viral. In which he has shared his song “Teri Mitti Mein Mil Jawaan”. In which the sacrifices of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to Rajiv Gandhi have been shown. With this he wrote, “While writing Teri Mitti, I did not think that it could have a connection with the Gandhi family. This video brought tears to my eyes. Generations of the Gandhi family have sacrificed their lives for this country and this cannot be forgotten. He further wrote that this is not a political tweet.


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Congress leader did sarcasm

Congress leader Supriya Shrinate shared the old tweet and wrote, “Once upon a time Manoj Muntashir used to be a human being, he first sold his faith in greed.” Congress leader Chandan Yadav commented – Now the poet has taken the contract of abusing him only, with whose inspiration he wrote a song like Teri Mitti Mein Mil Jawan.


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This is how people trolled

Journalist Rannvijay Singh commented that Muntashir ji, only 3 years ago, then this video had brought tears to his eyes. Emotionally, Mantashir writes – Gandhi’s generations have made sacrifices for this country and this cannot be forgotten. People speak the truth out of emotion, this is also a fact. It was written from a Twitter handle named @RealNadeemAhmad that there must have been some compulsions, there is no unfaithful person. A Twitter user @Hemrajeditorji quipped, “Earlier I was like this but with the change of time, feelings have changed, thoughts have changed.” It was written from an account named @SujataIndia1st that there was a time when logic was visible to Manoj Muntashir. It was written from a Twitter handle named @Rofl_Vishvas – Kumar Vishwas’s one line came to mind. Different types of Giza are available in the elections, somewhere there are pulao, somewhere there are puris, whom should they support, who have eaten from all sides, there are also compulsions of Namkhalal.


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