When parents refused to use the phone, she jumped into the waterfall, the girl’s video is going viral

According to the information, Saraswati was forbidden by family members to use mobile phone, so she reached the waterfall in anger and jumped from there.

A shocking case has come to light from Chhattisgarh’s Bastar, where a girl student jumped from a waterfall when her relatives refused to use her mobile phone. Seeing this, the people present there screamed. They started talking about the possibility of saving this girl but something happened which you will not be able to believe.

girl jumps in waterfall

The case is being told of Chitrakoot Falls located in Bastar, Chhattisgarh. A girl named Saraswati jumped over the waterfall, she fell down with the water. However, she managed to escape by swimming and was rescued by the security personnel present there.

Parents had forbidden to use the phone

According to the information, Saraswati was forbidden by her relatives to use a mobile phone, so she angrily reached the waterfall and jumped from there, the people present there did not expect that she would be able to save, but people were relieved to see her floating and the security personnel saved Saraswati.

Video going viral on social media


The video of Saraswati jumping over the waterfall is becoming very viral on social media. Some people are sharing the video saying that she knew how to swim, she jumped only to scare her family members, while some people say that what has happened to today’s children, how dangerous it is to scold them or refuse them for anything.


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A user wrote after watching the video, ‘This wood should be sent to the Olympics.’ Another wrote, ‘This girl should be found by the government and given training for Olympic water sport.’ A user wrote. ‘Had she gone to commit suicide or to test her swimming… The one who wants to drown does not drown, the one who wants to live is taken away by water.’


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