When Salman Khan got a bone marrow test done for a child suffering from cancer, Sunil Shetty told the story

Sunil Shetty and Salman Khan are considered very close friends. Recently Anna has revealed how Salman Khan got a bone marrow test done for a child.

Salman Khan remains a part of the headlines for one reason or the other. Sometimes actors remain in limelight due to their personal life and sometimes due to professional life. While on one hand Salman is constantly receiving threat letters and mails, on the other hand the actor is concentrating on his films. Recently he was seen in Kisi Ki Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan.

Apart from his films, Salman is also known for helping people. He is always seen extending a helping hand to the needy people. But he never talks to anyone about the noble deeds he has done. Although everyone in the industry seems to be praising the actor for this.

Now recently, Sunil Shetty has also shared an anecdote related to the actor, describing Salman Khan as a golden heart. Along with this, he also told about such an anecdote which hardly anyone would know. Anna has told that once Salman Khan had got a bone marrow test done for a child without informing anyone.


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Sunil Shetty praised Salman Khan

Talking about Salman Khan in an interview, Sunil Shetty said that ‘I have always said that I do not think anyone would know Salman Khan like me.’ Calling Salman a man with a golden heart, Sunil Shetty further said, ‘Those who know Salman, I always say that you need to know Salman Khan. Whatever you ask, Salman will take it out and give it to you. I still remember someone was calling him again and again. He was sitting with me, he suddenly got up and started leaving, so I asked where are you going. But he didn’t tell me.


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Bone marrow test done for the child

Anna further said that ‘Salman Khan just said that there is a work, when it is done, I will come back. Later I came to know that he had gone to get his bone marrow test done for a child who had bone marrow cancer and as far as I know it is the most painful test. He didn’t even tell me he left. He came back after getting the test done, then we met. He has done a lot for the people. I am not talking about material things at all.


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