When the expensive phone fell in the reservoir, the pump was pumped out; People angry at the action of the officer

For the officer’s phone, so much water was drained from the reservoir, which could have irrigated one and a half thousand acres of land.

An officer in Chhattisgarh is accused of installing pumps to remove water after an expensive phone fell into a reservoir. For the sake of the phone, the officer drained so much water that it could irrigate one and a half thousand acres of land. It is being told that the pump was run for three days to empty the reservoir, when the dispute escalated, the pump was removed in a hurry.

Kanker of Chhattisgarh has a case

The case is being told of Kanker in Chhattisgarh, where the food officer’s phone worth lakhs of rupees fell in the reservoir, the water in the reservoir was very high. An attempt was made to find the phone with the help of a diver, if it was not found, water pumps were installed and water was extracted for three days. It is estimated that around 21 lakh liters of water was spilled during this period.

action taken on the officer

However, when it started being discussed, the officer stopped the work of extracting water from the pump. The phone was also found but the phone was damaged due to being in water, but now people are expressing anger on social media regarding this matter. Along with this, efforts are also being made to make this an issue in the state. Seeing the increasing controversy, the officer has been suspended.


BJP MLA @saurabhsinghcg has said on this, “An officer in Kanker drained 21 lakh liters of water from the canal to irrigate one and a half thousand acres of land to find his mobile phone. Bhupesh Sarkar calls himself farmer friendly, that is a lie. Take immediate action against this officer. A user wrote that an FIR should be lodged against this officer, who wasted the water which could have saved the lives of lakhs of people in such heat.


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A user named Neeraj Singh wrote, “For a mobile worth Rs 1 lakh, the officer is accused of shedding 21 lakh liters of water, which could have irrigated 1,500 acres of land. For 3 days the water was emptied by installing 2 diesel pumps of 30 HP each, then the phone was removed as the phone is not working now. One user wrote – “Even today there is a shortage of water for irrigation in rural areas, water is brought from many kilometers away for drinking. The officer wasted the water. Very shameful.


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