When the men in uniform faced the army of dogs, this operation to seize drugs will give goosebumps.

Policemen who went to raid in Kottayam, Kerala were attacked by an army of trained dogs. The anti-narcotics squad of Kottayam police raided the house of a man suspected to be a drug dealer on Sunday night. During the raid, the policemen were attacked by several ferocious dogs trained to bite any person wearing ‘khaki uniform’. Due to the presence of dogs, there was difficulty in the search and the accused also managed to escape from the police.

The anti-narcotics squad of Kottayam police raided the house of a man suspected to be a drug dealer. However, during this period the policemen had to face trouble due to the presence of several ferocious dogs trained to bite any person wearing ‘khaki’ attire. The search process was hampered due to the presence of dogs and the accused escaped from the sight of the policemen who were trying to escape from the dog attacks.

These dogs started attacking any human being as soon as they saw the uniform.

Police said the dogs were controlled and more than 17 kilograms of ganja was seized from the house. Kottayam Superintendent of Police K Karthik IPS told reporters that the search team reached the house of the suspected accused around midnight. Officers from nearby Gandhinagar police station were also included in this team. He said, “We did not expect that there would be so many dogs there and that they would be violent so we had trouble in the search initially. Fortunately, no officer was injured.”

Man gave special training to dogs to avoid raids

The SP said, “The accused had trained the dogs to bite people in khaki uniform on sight. A retired BSF man had trained the accused in handling dogs for some time, but after asking questions like how to get a dog to bite a person wearing khaki, he was thrown out from there.”


The man died when an army soldier slapped him, the matter is related to the headlight of the car, police registered a case.

The top district police official also said that the accused was selling drugs under the guise of being a dog trainer and more than 17 kg of ganja was seized from his house. The officer said that we have to first catch the accused and then find out if anyone else was also involved in this racket. About 13 dogs were present there and after identifying their owners, the dogs will be handed over to them. He also said that a special investigation team has been formed to investigate the matter.

The SP said that as per our preliminary investigation, the accused was living there on rent and everyone in the area knew him as a dog trainer. When people went out, people would leave their dogs with him at the rate of Rs 1000 per day and he would take care of the dogs.


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