When Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari’s car was challaned, had to pay fine for over speeding 3 times

Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari told that challan has come in his name thrice.

Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari often keeps making people aware about road safety. According to Gadkari, lakhs of people in the country get caught in the cheek of untimely times due to road accidents. All the reasons ranging from over speeding are responsible. While discussing road safety in Agenda Aaj Tak, Gadkari told that he himself has been challaned many times.

Gadkari’s challan has been cut for over speeding

Nitin Gadkari said that various steps are being taken regarding road safety. In this sequence, cameras have been installed on the Worli-Bandra sea link in Mumbai. There my car has been challaned 3 times, I was fined thrice.

When Gadkari was asked whether you were over speeding? He told that I do not live in Mumbai, but I have a flat in Worli and also a car in my name. The challan was issued when the driver increased the speed.

People need to change mindset

Nitin Gadkari said that the people sitting behind in the four wheeler think why should I wear seat belt? This is the work of those who sit in front. This mindset needs to be changed. There is no respect and no fear of law, this is very wrong.


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5 lakh road accidents every year

While discussing road safety in the Lok Sabha last week, Nitin Gadkari said that there are about 5 lakh incidents of road accidents in India every year, so many people do not die in epidemics, riots and fighting. The government is making every possible effort for road accident and road safety. Help of all celebrities is also being taken, so that people can be made aware.


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Speed ​​limit will increase on the highway

Nitin Gadkari said in the Lok Sabha that the government will soon take a big decision regarding the new speed limit of vehicles on the highways. It is being considered to increase the speed of vehicles up to 140 kilometers per hour. According to Gadkari, there will be some lanes where the limit will be 120. Similarly, the limit can be kept at 60 to 80 kilometers per hour inside the cities.

Nitin Gadkari said that now world class roads have been built in India, all international standards are being followed. In such a situation, the speed limit also needs to be considered.


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