Who will benefit from the Women’s Reservation Bill, BJP or Congress? The survey results made everything clear

The country has seen the historic Women’s Reservation Bill being passed just a few days ago. After the passing of that bill, credit politics gained momentum and both BJP and Congress started competing to take credit. Now meanwhile, the results of a survey have come out which show who will actually benefit from the passing of this bill.

What do the survey results tell?

This survey has been done jointly by ABP and C Voter in which opinions of 5 thousand 403 people were taken. The results of the survey show that BJP is going to benefit more from the passing of this bill. 36 percent people believe that NDA is going to benefit from the Women’s Reservation Bill in the election season, while for the India alliance it is only 21 percent. The big thing is that 19 percent people have also come forward who believe that both NDA and India alliance can benefit from this women’s reservation bill.


Even if Modi wins applause on women’s reservation, Rahul Gandhi’s move on OBC quota can bring good days for Congress!

What is Women’s Reservation Bill?

However, under this bill, there was talk of giving 33 percent reservation for women in Parliament and Assembly. In simple words, out of 543 seats in the Lok Sabha, 181 will be reserved for women. Apart from this, out of 131 seats reserved for SC-ST in the country, 43 seats are going to be for women. Now this bill is historic, it will truly empower women and can prove to increase their participation in politics. But this is not going to be applicable at this time. The Nari Shakti Vandan Act is not going to become a law for at least five years.

In fact, until census and delimitation is done in the country, the Nari Shakti Vandan Act cannot become a law. This means that women can benefit from this law only in 2029. Now this very provision of this bill is bringing it into controversy, the opposition is raising questions on the intentions of the government.


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