Why does PM Modi live like a touchy-feely? Congress’s Supriya Shrinate asked a question, people started giving such answers on social media

Supriya Shrinate On Pm Modi: Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate taunted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose video is going viral!

Congress is an attacker on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Between inflation, unemployment and elections, there is a fierce fight between Congress and BJP. Meanwhile, a video of Supriya Shrinate is going viral on social media, in which she is calling PM Modi ‘chui-mui’. The video is from during a Congress press conference, in which she is taking a dig at PM Modi.

Supriya Shrinet took a jibe at PM Modi

Attacking Prime Minister Modi (Narendra Modi), Supriya Shrinate said in the press conference that when the PM forgets his dignity and makes ludicrous comments, no one is ready to listen but my question is whether PM Modi touched Why do you live like a mouse? You will be the PM, you will be criticized, you will be asked questions. If you are asked a question, then they say that you are insulting PM Modi. How long will you be hiding Where does the dignity of the post of PM go when PM Modi calls Congress widow, Jersey cow, girlfriend of fifty crores, Suparnakha?

User Feedback

Many people are commenting on this statement of Supriya Shrinet. @SobhaRa21483959 User wrote that madam’s expressions are telling that Congress has lost both the states. Congress is completely finished in MCD. @awaaz_dill_ki user wrote that all the leaders and politicians are competing to lower the level of their language. One user wrote that Modi ji is of such a weak heart? Say anything to others and when you say something to them, they feel bad.

@deepakstp7 The user wrote that he is a spokesperson, the party becomes stronger with such people. Wow Supriya ji wonderful. If 2, 4 more such spokespersons come, then these opposition spokespersons will get some manners. @om_bhadauriy The user wrote that if only you people had done good for this country, then Modi ji would not have had to come. It is because of you Modi ji. @vijendraGoswa14 User wrote that no one is afraid of criticism and you people criticize, who has forbidden? But there is a limit to words even in that criticism, isn’t there?


G-20 presidency an opportunity to show India’s potential: Modi

Let us tell you that during the Gujarat Assembly Election, there has been a lot of politics on abusive words. When the Congress leaders talked about showing ‘status’ to PM Modi, PM Modi also retaliated on this. Congress leader Supriya Shrinat attacked PM Modi by organizing a press conference on behalf of Congress before the voting for the last phase of Gujarat assembly elections, whose video is viral.


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