Wife didn’t make chicken, then husband took a dangerous decision, now the woman will not forget this pain for the rest of her life!

The husband wanted to eat chicken but the wife did not feel like cooking it.

A surprising case has come to light from Jhansi. Here a husband wanted to eat chicken but the wife did not feel like cooking it. The husband brought chicken from the market but the wife refused to cook it. The husband got so hurt about this that he ended his life by hanging himself.

Actually the husband’s name is Pawan Kumar who lived with his wife Priyanka. Both were married only 4 years ago. Husband used to make furniture. Like a normal family, both their lives were passing by. The matter between the two deteriorated when the husband reached home with chicken on Wednesday.

Wife said – will not cook chicken

An argument started between the two about not making chicken. On seeing this, both started fighting with each other. Now when there was a fight, old things were mentioned. Each other was insulted fiercely. The husband beat up the wife. After this the wife started crying. Husband lost his mind. Both went to different rooms. After this the husband locked the door from inside. The wife slept in a separate room. One night when the husband did not open the door, the wife started worrying. He informed the rest of his family about this. The family members reached the spot.

husband hanged himself

Hearing about Pawan, his brother started getting worried. He first tried to break down the door. When the door was not broken after several attempts, the police was informed. The police came to the house, broke open the door and saw that Pawan was swinging from the fan inside. He ended his life by hanging himself.


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The wife was shocked to see her husband in this condition. He couldn’t believe his eyes. She could not even imagine that Pawan could take such a step. Seeing this condition of Pawan, the family members felt bad. Shouting voices started coming in the house. The wife felt sad. In this way, every laughing and playing family was destroyed.


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