Will Mayawati become a part of INDIA? What is the discussion about ‘secret support’ to BJP, understand

Before the Lok Sabha elections, the politics of Uttar Pradesh is looking quite interesting. Where Samajwadi Party has accused Mayawati’s party BSP of being in collusion with BJP. It has been said that BSP is raising questions on the India alliance but is silent about the BJP government in power. Like always, Samajwadi Party has once again started calling BSP the B-team of BJP.

On the other hand, the opposition has no major objection to joining hands with Mayawati and it is believed that the BSP chief has also been approached to join the India alliance but she has ignored it.

Will Mayawati become part of India alliance?

It is believed that most of the leaders of the India alliance want Mayawati to also be made a part of the alliance so that the opposition unity can become stronger. This speculation can be gauged from the statement of JD (U) chief national spokesperson KC Tyagi where he said, “JD (U) and our leader Nitish Kumar want complete opposition unity against the present government. SP President Akhilesh Yadav has also been expressing the same views from time to time. Now it is up to Mayawati to decide whether she wants to fight India Alliance and BJP together? Because no one can fight both, if she chooses India alliance then we will welcome her. But if she keeps attacking Congress and SP, she cannot be a part of the India Bloc.”

Why is Mayawati important for India alliance?

According to the news of Indian Express, a BSP leader, on the condition of anonymity, admitted that the party’s stay away could cause harm to the India alliance. He says, “BSP is not in a position to win on its own but it can cause damage to other parties, the party has at least 15,000 votes in every assembly seat.”

He further said, “When BSP contested alone in the 2022 assembly elections, its Muslim candidates had caused damage to the SP-led alliance on many seats.”

Is BSP giving ‘secret support’ to BJP?

It is believed that BSP has been tacitly supporting the BJP government at the Center for a long time. The latest example of this is called the Women’s Reservation Bill, where Mayawati demanded that within the women’s quota, there should be a quota for OBCs like SCs and STs, but she supported the law.

Apart from this, it can also be understood from the example that when there was a controversy regarding writing President of India instead of INDIA on the invitation of G20, Mayawati had criticized the opposition and said that she herself would blame BJP for tampering with the Constitution. Give a chance.

On May 25, when more than 20 opposition parties announced they would boycott the inauguration of the new Parliament building, Mayawati welcomed the event, saying it was unfair to boycott the ceremony and that the government had the right to unveil it as they built it.

Another example of this claim can be taken from the fact that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed on the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) at an event in Bhopal on June 27 and the All India Muslim Personal Law Board condemned it, Mayawati replied Granted his party is not against UCC but we cannot support the way BJP is trying to implement it.

It is also said that Mayawati has always avoided making any direct comments on PM Modi or UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. BJP leaders also focus their political attacks mainly on SP and Congress but rarely speak against BSP.


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