‘Will not give up on Adani’s scam’- said AAP MP Sanjay Singh and the filmmaker said- his friends are in jail…

AAP leader Sanjay Singh has recently targeted PM Modi fiercely. Now Ashok Pandit has given his reaction on this.

AAP’s senior leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh has recently targeted the Modi government at the Center in a press conference. Along with this, a statement has also been given regarding Adani. In fact, the ED remand of Aam Aadmi Party leader and former Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia has been extended by 5 days.

Regarding this, Rajya Sabha MP from the party Sanjay Singh has attacked the investigating agencies as well as BJP and PM Narendra Modi. Sanjay Singh said that Modi ji and your disciple Adani should listen with open ears. I will expose the Adani scam in front of the whole country.

Hang me as soon as it flourishes after them. No worries, lived life honestly. If you find anything, punish me 10 times, but I will not leave you on Adani’s scam. Now well-known comedian Ashok Pandit has given his reaction on this.

What did Ashok Pandit write while tweeting

Filmmaker Ashok Pandit tweeted the video of Sanjay Singh during the press conference and wrote, ‘First release your friends who are in jail for looting. It is as if he was never yours. Completely forgotten. Please tell that Ashok Pandit remains very active on social media. He is known for his opinion on issues ranging from Bollywood to politics.


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User Feedback

Social media users are giving their reactions on this tweet of Ashok Pandit. One user wrote that ‘Courts, lawyers, CBI, ED etc are doing their work. Will you break the jail now to take them out? Are you an Urban Naxal? A user named Anshul wrote that ‘Take the subscription now, enough of the attack from outside’. One user wrote that ‘Do you point a finger at others and forget the 4 fingers you pointed at yourself very clearly?’


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Sanjay Singh targeted PM

In his press conference, Sanjay Singh targeted the PM and said that Manish Sisodia created a model of education inside Delhi and you treated him like terrorists. Such a long remand of ED and CBI. Even terrorists are not treated like this.


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