Winter Storm in US: 18 killed due to Winter Storm in America, more than 2700 flights canceled on the occasion of Christmas

Due to the winter storm, hundreds of houses lost power on Christmas Eve and the residents living there had to face problems.

Due to Winter Storm in US, 18 people died across the country. With this, the life of lakhs of people got disturbed. Hundreds of homes lost power on Christmas Eve and residents faced hardships. The storm spread its full fury over Buffalo and New York City. At the same time, due to this storm, emergency services were also affected and they were affected.

More than 2,700 flights canceled

More than 2,700 flights have been canceled due to winter storms in many areas of the United States, while thousands of airlines have changed their routes to avoid any emergency. Last-minute flight cancellations caused chaos at airports as hundreds of families returned home for the Christmas holidays.

Authorities across the US have attributed the deaths to car accidents, downed trees and other effects of the storm. At least three people died in the Buffalo area, including two who suffered medical emergencies in their homes and could not be saved. That’s because emergency workers were unable to reach them amid the blizzard conditions.


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Buffalo Niagara International Airport closed until Monday morning

The storm caused a day-long power outage and left Buffalo residents scrambling to leave their homes on Saturday. New York Gov. Cathy Hochul said Buffalo Niagara International Airport would remain closed as of Monday morning and nearly every fire truck in Buffalo was stuck in snow.

Pennsylvania-based PJM Interconnection said power plants are having a hard time operating in the cold weather and asked residents in 13 states to save electricity at least until Christmas morning. The Tennessee Valley Authority, which provides electricity to 10 million people in Tennessee and parts of six surrounding states, directed local power companies to implement planned outages.


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