Witness-like massacre in Bihar and Gujarat, father stabs daughter 25 times in Surat, boyfriend stabs girlfriend 12 times in Sitamarhi, CCTV

Like the Delhi Sakshi Murder Case, two girls were stabbed to death in Bihar and Surat.

The mystery of the Delhi witness murder case has not been completely resolved yet that similar incidents are coming to the fore from two cities of the country. The first incident is from Sitamarhi in Bihar and the second incident is from Surat in Gujarat. In both these incidents, the condition of the victims is similar to that of the witnesses. Let us tell you about both the incidents.

Stabbed 12 times for refusing marriage in Sitamarhi

The first incident is of Haribela village under Bathnaha police station area of ​​Sitamarhi. Where on Monday, 22-year-old Chandan Kumar stabbed a 20-year-old girl 12 times with a knife for rejecting his marriage proposal. He is being treated at a private hospital in Sitamarhi town. The girl’s condition is said to be serious. Regarding the incident, SHO Ashok Kumar Singh said that the accused has been arrested. The relatives of the girl have registered a case against Chandan. According to the local people, Chandan was having a love affair with the girl for the last four years.

Photos and videos of both of them went viral on social media six months ago. After which the victim’s family lodged a complaint with the Bathnaha police. The matter was pacified by the intervention of the Panchayat but Chandan continued to pressurize the girl for marriage. On Monday, when she was returning home from the market, after an argument, Chandan stopped the girl and stabbed her.

Father killed daughter by attacking with knife

The second incident took place in Satyanagar Society of Kadodara, Surat. Where a father attacked his daughter 25 times and took her life. He also attacked his wife with a knife. The daughter was killed and the wife injured in the attack. At present, the police have arrested the accused. The name of the accused is Ramanuja. He lived on rent with his family. He was angry because of the daughter sleeping on the terrace. There was an argument with his wife on this matter. He became enraged. He attacked his wife with a knife. She was injured in the attack. After this he kept stabbing the daughter till she died.


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He stabbed the daughter 25 times with a knife. The video of this incident went viral on social media. It can be seen in the video that his children are trying to stop him but he attacks them too. He is possessed by the demon of blood. The children run away after saving their lives. At present, the police is fully investigating the matter.


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