Women moving towards economic strength with vermicomposting

Vermicompost is such an environment-friendly organic fertilizer, using which does not cause any kind of pollution in soil, air and water.

Vermicomposting can be used to increase soil fertility, protect the environment, increase crop yield and quality as well as a source of income. Mandakini Sharma and Priyanka Bhardwaj of District Mandi showed this in practicality. The common life of Mandakini Sharma and Priyanka Bhardwaj of ancient village Nagrota in Drang area of ​​district Mandi became special when their dream of being self-reliant and self-reliant came true under the Mukhyamantri Swavalamban Yojana. Mandakini Sharma took a loan of Rs 7 lakh from the Industry Department to make vermicompost under the Mukhyamantri Swavalamban Yojana.

With this amount, she started the work of making vermicompost with her friend Priyanka Bhardwaj in the name of ‘Lakshmi Organic’ by purchasing special earthworms and other necessary related items. Both the friends got busy in making their dream a reality by saving time from their available time after completing their household chores.

Since Mandakini Sharma had her own land and livestock, it was convenient to do this work. When the cow dung available at home was not enough to make manure, he started buying cow dung from other houses and cow sheds in the village. When the help of some more people was needed in the process of making vermicompost, they also added other women of the village in this work, which opened the doors of employment for both the friends as well as other rural women.

Along with preparing vermicompost, he also came up with the idea of ​​making havan material made of cow dung and preparing bags, which he materialized and increased his earnings. Mandakini and Priyanka, with the help of the government and their hard work and dedication, found a source of income sitting at home and also provided an opportunity to other women to earn.

Both the friends progressed on the path of self-respect and self-reliance by earning hard work and became an inspiration for others as well. Her husband is also helping her in technical work. The basis of any result is action and its background is thought. Mandakini Sharma and Priyanka have proved that if a person is determined then no circumstances can stop him from reaching his destination.

He has made 12 beds of 30.4 to prepare manure, in which 400 to 500 kg of manure is made for two months. Apart from farmers and gardeners, people are also buying vermicompost from ‘Lakshmi Organic’ for kitchen gardening and growing flowers in pots. Due to which they are getting a good income.

Entrepreneurs say that to make vermicompost, fresh cow dung one to one and a half feet high is spread on a flat place and earthworms are put in it. It is covered with straw to protect it from direct sunlight. It is sprinkled with water from time to time to maintain the moisture. Vermicompost is prepared after passing through a process in about two months. Which is filtered and packed for sale.

Vermicompost is such an environment-friendly organic fertilizer, using which does not cause any kind of pollution in soil, air and water. It also has a high amount of nutrients. Its use improves soil physical structure, development of plant roots, increase in yield, soil fertility and disease resistance of plants, high quality crop. Whose farmers and gardeners get direct benefit.


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