Yogi was not released even after thousands of people died for the government.

The government of Uttar Pradesh has announced that the funerals of those who died of mercy should not be floated in the Ganges. The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh is preventing the rescue of these dead people. In Rajasthan, the bones of those who lost their lives due to Corona and other causes are waiting to be immersed in the Ganga. The number of these bone urns is now not one or two but hundreds of thousands. But there must be some reasons behind his acceptance. The people of the state want to know those reasons. Whatever the reason, how long will the piles of dead people lie like this?

The Yogi government has banned the entry of Rajasthan highway buses into Uttar Pradesh. As a result, the buses cannot travel to Haridwar, whereas the Uttarakhand government imposes no restrictions on the dumping of bones in Haridwar. But to get to Haridwar, you have to pass through UP. In such a situation, buses cannot circulate.

Crematorium lockers littered with bones

On the other hand, the people of eastern Rajasthan immerse the ashes in Sauronji, in UP, rather than in Haridwar, but road buses aren’t allowed there either. Interestingly, there are no restrictions on private vehicles, but in this Corona season, it’s not possible for everyone to immerse the bones by taking a personal cab. The situation is such that the crematorium’s lockers are littered with bones. Even on top of the lockers, there’s a pile of urns.

Immersion is necessary for salvation

It is said that after death, just as the body must be cremated with respect, so too must the bones be immersed. Astrologer Pandit Parushottam Gaur explains that immersion of the bones is of particular importance in Sanatan Dharma. It is said in the Vedas that when the bones are immersed in the Ganges, it is only then that the soul attains salvation. The Ganges was born from the hair of Lord Shiva, and the Ganges descended to earth. That’s why it’s only after pouring the ashes of the body composed of water, fire and air into the Ganges that the soul obtains peace and freedom, without which it continues to wander.

5,000 registrations for the Moksha Kalash bus

During the first wave of Corona, when Rajasthan was blockaded and public transport completely shut down, the Gehlot government ran free Moksha Kalash buses to Haridwar in Uttarakhand and Sauronji in UP. At the time, thousands of people had immersed the bones of their loved ones in the Ganges thanks to this service. This program still operates in the state, but due to the Uttar Pradesh government, buses can no longer run to Haridwar. More than 5,000 people have registered for the Moksha Kalash bus on the routes portal alone. Meanwhile, since May 7, the death toll in the state has risen sharply.

statistics at a glance
Access to highway buses has been banned in UP since May 7.

  • From May 7 to today, there have been 3,660 Corona-related deaths in the state.
    Outside Corona, there are around 35 deaths a day at SMS hospitals.
    In this situation, over the past 40 days, 1,400 deaths have occurred at SMS Hospital alone.
    At the same time, around 9,000 deaths have occurred in other hospitals and districts of the capital.
    In such a situation, the bones of around 15,000 people are waiting to be submerged.


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