‘Zyada badmash hai, ab kahan chali gayi teri badmashgiri…’, Sahil-Sakshi had a video call even on the day of the murder

After Jhabru’s threat, Sakshi taunted Sahil on the phone that where has your bad-mouthing gone now…

The layers of the Delhi murder case are beginning to unfold. The police had arrested Sahil from Bulandshahr. He has also confessed his crime in front of the police. However, the knife used in the murder has not been recovered yet.

Sahil says that after committing the murder, he went to Rithala Metro station where he threw the knife. Sakshi’s post mortem report has also come to the fore. At present, the police is probing the matter from every angle.

Meanwhile, the Instagram chat of Sakshi and her friend Neetu has come to the fore. In which she is asking Sakshi where are you? Sakshi says she is locked in the house. He is not even being allowed to use the phone. At present, the police is taking further action on the basis of this chat.

In this murder case, it has also come to light that a day before the incident, Sakshi’s friend Bhavna and Jhabru together had threatened Sahil. After threatening him, Sakshi even taunted Sahil on the phone that where has your badmashgiri gone… In fact, after the murder of the victim, Bhavna had shared an audio in which Sakshi is talking to Sahil. However, Sahil’s voice is not coming from there. Only Sakshi can be heard saying ‘Jyada badmash hai kya tu, kahan chali gayi thi teri badmashgiri’.


Delhi Murder Case: ‘Where are you witness friend? Will not talk to me…’ Sahil, Neetu and Praveen’s chat raised many questions

Sakshi spoke to Sahil on video call on the day of the murder

It is also being said in the report that there was a video call conversation between Sakshi and Sahil at 3.41 pm on May 27. Not only this, on May 28 (the day of the murder) Sahil and Sakshi spoke on video call twice in the morning. In fact, Jhabru had threatened Sahil while supporting Sakshi.

Jhabru is the domineering boy of that area. He had befriended Sakshi only a few days ago. Sakshi, Bhavna and Jhabru had met Sahil a day before the incident. All three also had a fight with Sahil. Jhabru told Sahil to stay away from Sakshi. It was only after this that Sahil made a plan to kill Sakshi. Now what is true and what is false can be known only after a thorough investigation.


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